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Chiropractic Tips & Info
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After your first adjustment

  1. Drink Plenty of Water
  2. Wait at least 30 minutes to excercise.
  3. Do not use caffeine, nicotine or sugar at least 20 minutes before and after your adjustment.

Sports Bars & Drinks

Different sports bars and drinks have various functions. Some provide simple sugar for quick energy. Others contain complex carbohydrates and protein for energy, growth and repair. A few - comprised of 30% fat - tout the notion that to lose fat you must ingest fat. And the latest craze is 100 calorie, disposal packets of instant syrup, appropriately termed "goo."

Sports bars, drinks and engineered foods are not short-cuts to proper nutrition. Beware of expensive, fat-burning, muscle-building promises. They can not replace real food, but can supply some extra energy and/or protein when an athlete cannot get a well-balanced meal.

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